Asian Cuisine

House Specialties 

- Served w. Rice

H1.  Triple Green Jade (Broccoli, Snow Peas & String Beans)   9.95

(w. Tofu  10.95) (w. Chicken or Beef  12.95) (w. Shrimp  13.95)

H2.  Mango Tofu(Lightly fried tofu w. shredded mango, peppers & onions in special sweet & sour sauce)  10.95

(Chicken 12.95) (Shrimp  13.95)

H3.  Thai Basil Tofu    (Sautéed w. fresh basil, zucchini, onions & peppers in tasty basil sauce)   10.95

*Chill Lemongrass Tofu
(Sautéed w. asparagus, carrots & mushrooms in mild lemongrass sauce) 10.95

(Chicken 12.95) (Shrimp 13.95)

H5. *Spicy Thai Tofu (Tofu w. few veg. in sweet & spicy chili sauce)    10.95 

(Chicken  12.95) (Shrimp 13.95)

H6.  Pineapple Chicken (Sliced chicken sautéed w. pineapples, pepper, tomato & cucumber)  12.95

H7.  Tropical Chicken(Crispy chunks of chicken w. strawberry & pineapples in special fruity sauce)  12.95

 (Shrimp 13.95)

*Bangkok Green Curry Tofu w. Veg
. 10.95

(Chicken  12.95) (Seafood  16.95)

*Penang Red Curry Tofu w. Veg
.   14.95

(Chicken  12.95) (Seafood  16.95)

H10.  Sizzling Lemon Black Pepper Tofu  10.95

(Chicken 12.94) (Shrimp  13.95)

H11.  Crispy Chiangmai Beef
(w. Thai special brown sauce)   13.95

*Penang Beef Rendang
(Dried curry beef chunks simmered till tender, served w. steamed string beans)  13.95

*Three Flavor Dish

H14. Thai Royal Shrimp (Jumbo shrimp lightly fried & tossed w. chef’s special sugarcane sauce)  15.95

H15.  Ginger & Scallion Prawn  16.95

H16. *Singapore Spicy Shrimp 15.95(Sauteed in spicy tomato egg sauce over egg noodle.)

*Malaysian X.O. Delight 
(Mixture of scallop & shrimp w. asparagus, string beans in spicy shrimp sauce)  15.95

H18. Black Bean Imperial(Fillet bass & scallop sautéed in black bean sauce)  16.95

* Triple Garlic Delight
(Shrimp, beef & chicken w. veggies in spicy garlic sauce)  13.95

H20.  Happy Family(Combination of shrimp, scallop, beef & chicken w. veggies in brown sauce)  14.95

H21.  Crispy Salt Baked Scallop   16.95( Shrimp 16.95)( Fish   16.95)

H22.  Chef’s Seafood Delight

              (Fresh jumbo shrimp, scallops w. fine cut mix veg., snow pea pods, water chestnuts & mushrooms)  16.95

H23.  Cashews Delight (Chicken & Shrimp)  14.95

* Szechuan Combo
(Chicken & Beef)  14.95

*Sa-Cha Casserole
(Chicken, shrimp and scallop sautéed w. mixed vegetables and curry sauce)  14.95

.* Curry Casserole
(Chicken, beef and shrimp stir-fried with mixed vegetables and curry sauce)  14.95

H27.  Hawaii Delight(Breaded shrimp, scallop & chicken special cooked in a brown honey sauce)  14.95

* Spicy Scallops & Beef
(Most Distinctive)  14.95

H29.*** Chopped Chili Chicken12.95

H30.***Fish in Hot Oil 15.95

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